· Numerical and statistical methods with applications to atmospheric physics, biology and finance:

- Clustering and variable selection for functional data

- Mass balance method to quantify trace gas emissions

- Population dynamics

- Parameter estimation in biological models


· Stochastic processes:

- Stochastic models for the dynamics of single and coupled neurons

- Cyber risk estimation

- Stochastic mortality models

- Markov Switching models


· Numerical Methods for PDE:

- Fractional Differential Models

- Shallow water in meteorology on structured and unstructured grids

- Numerical simulations of the heat flow in a bioreactor

- Kinetic schemes for Navier Stokes equations

- Variational methods for image segmentation and classification

- Application to the segmentation and classification of remotely sensed images and biomedical images


Maria Francesca Carfora

Research Interests