PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Naples "Federico II", May 2014

Training Course at the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast, Reading (UK), Spring 1991

University Degree (Laurea) cum laude in Mathematics from the University of Naples "Federico II", November 1988


1996-present: Researcher at IAC-CNR

1992-1996: Mathematics and Physics high school teacher

1989-1991: Research fellow at IAM CNR

Ongoing and recently closed research projects

ADVISE (2019-2021) (Campania POR research project)

OT4CLIMA (2018-2021) (Italian PON research project)

EPIGEN (2012-2018) (CNR flagship project)

InterOmics (2012-2018) (CNR flagship project)

ACTIVITI (2013-2015) (Campania POR research project)

MERIT (2012-2015) (CNR-MIUR project)

DIAGEN (2012-2015) (Italian PON research project)

SAT4PRISMA (2011-2014) (ASI)

Recent Seminars and Talks

ERCIM-CMS Conference 2018 (Pisa) “Penalized robust estimation for functional regression”

NEURAL CODING Conference 2018 (Torino) “A block-layered stochastic model for neuronal networks”

SDS Conference 2018 (Porto Giardino) “Numerical solution of a fractional PDE for time-changed processes”

DeAScuola Conference 2017 (Ancona) “La matematica dei suoni e delle immagini sui social”

NEURAL CODING Conference 2016 (Cologne) “A stochastic model for the firing activity of neurons in a network”

ERCIM-CMS Conference 2015 (London) “Multivariate functional clustering: a comparison on remote sensing Landsat data”

NEURAL CODING Conference 2014 (Versailles) “A diffusive LIF model for the spike frequency adaptation”

AIMS Conference 2014 (Madrid) “Stochastic modeling of the firing activity of coupled neurons”

ERCIM-CMS Conference 2014 (Pisa) “Analysis of two-way functional data: an application to mortality models”

Maria Francesca Carfora

Short CV